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WTB: 00-02 alternator

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Asap if u have a good working one laying around lmk text please five59seven317897 00-02 only

I'm in California

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I would consider lookin for a b15 alternator. Ive got one in my p11and I love it. Everything electronically runs better. Think about it Adrin.
I thought the 00+ p11 and b15 alts were the same? Just 99 p11 was different? What output is b15?
also curious because 80 amp alt isnt cutting it
b15 has a higher output than all p11s. someone posted the info up about a month ago.
Big difference in output. Car runs better. No bs.
B15 puts out 100 amps and it is well worth it.
B15 puts out 100 amps and it is well worth it.
Would you recommend getting this at AutoZone?
Thats where I got mine from. It has been running great for two years now.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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