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WTB 2000+ P11 B15 lsd manual transmission

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I'm in need of a 00+ p11 or b15 lsd manual transmission have cash or trade for parts let me know what you have. 801-815715one thanks in advance.
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I have a b15 lsd tranny and im in salt lake. But it comes with a B15. lol

Basically im planning on selling by B15 SE 2.0, Maybe your interested. You could always pull the tranny and put it in g20 auto tranny from the junkyard and get your money back.
I missed that thread when I was searching but I'll pass on that one, that's how mine started before it blew up. But thanks I'll keep it mind.
Change the input shaft bearing. Its really easy if you follow the manual
No mine is toast, I'm looking for one without issues and lower miles.
I'll buy it for $150 shipped to 41042 (Florence KY)
It's cracked and leakes, but it has a jgy lsd Im going to swap over. Bump
if it's cracked then i'm good. You can sell it to gtiru12
If you can see this thread on the there's a few on there. this is the cheapest at 650 in CA
the QG18DE from a 2000+ sentra 1.8 is the same stack as the 70V BTW
Yeah I just didn't want to rebuild it, but I might have to.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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