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WTB: 91-93 p10 manual trans speed sensor

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i need a 91-93 p10 manual trans speed sensor. it must be from a cable operated cluster p10 so no 93.5 or later. it must be from a manual transmission.

If anyone knows if they are the same or different please chime in on touring vs non touring. i swapped in an lsd trans into my 93 and broke my 93 speed sensor while swapping it out of my old trans into the 94 trans(94 trans sensor is electronic) are the old non lsd sensors plug and play into the newer lsd trans?

i know auto sensors are different since i had an auto one sitting around auto sensor wont work in manual trans.

i will also take your cluster cable if you have one in good shape. my car eats them.

please pm or post a price shipped to 15825.
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Greenless I think you can swap manual sensors. Honestly I only have experience with the B13 trans and we can swap the cable driven 91-92 for the electric 93-94 sensors.

I just bought a 95 G20t with a Non LSD transmission installed and the previous owner just let me know they swapped over the electric speedometer sensor. I can confirm that tomorrow afternoon.
it seems the sensors are harder to find than i thought. non on ebay or the usually used parts sites, and there are not any early p10 part outs atm.
Was working on trans today and there is an electric speed sensor installed. Yeah these sensors are hard to come by used. I needed a replacement (for the SER) before and they are going for 110 on rockauto (just checked). Luckily I got a used one for way less. I'm hoping to go to a yard tomorrow to check a 93 G20. If it is a 5-speed cable driven (slim chance), I'll grab the sensor.

BTW...I wanted to PM you back about the trans swap but your inbox is full.
The difference in speed sensors is supposed to account for the difference in tire size.
The difference in speed sensors is supposed to account for the difference in tire size.
the difference in speed sensors i have encountered is NOT for tire size. auto non lsd cable and 5speed non lsd cable is the location of the plastic gear. it is centered on one and offset to one side on the other. then there is the obvious difference between cable vs non cable.

there may be a slight difference between electric non lsd and electric lsd but im not concerned with that difference since i am pretty sure they fit the same in either trans.
i literally just scrapped a 96 non T 5 spd tranny
oh well steve, i need cable anyway. 96 would be electric sensor.
i dont know, the sensor from my old trans is stuck in the old trans, and while i was trying to remove it the screw hole broke. as far as i know all 91-93 p10s were non lsd but i think my trans was from a b13 without lsd. i have a cable operated mechanical speedometer/cluster so i need a sensor that has the cable screw top.
local junkers dont have many nissans and especially no infinitis.
I have one but the wires are cut you'd need to take theplugoff your old one. It worked fine before I did a tranny swap.
the sensor i need doesnt use wires! i need the kind with a screw on cable connector. i have 2 of the electric sensors sitting in my garage and cant use them.
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