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WTB: 99' P11 Item, side markers and more

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WTB: 99' P11 Items, bumper lenses and more

I'm looking for:

1. P11 clear bumper lenses, not the modified Altima ones please.
2. P11 Headlight stalk with fogs PURCHASED :)
3. Jdm p11 clear corner lense
4. P11 black headrest - PURCHASED :)
5. P11 front bumper (any color) with or w/o fog lights
6. P11 Blue Cusco front strut bar
7. Tein SS coilovers
8. Headlight leveling switch with pigtail, the one off of the 03 QX4
9. Oem primera unitop rear roof visor, only mint condition.

All of these items can be bought as soon as possible of the price is right.
Thanks in advance for all the help.
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About two weeks too late... just sold a complete set of clear bumper markers... :(
:'( I've been looking for them for a while but never got around to posting a WTB
I have a black headrest. shoot me a pm with your offer.
I can get you a white P11 front bumper, no fogs
I can get you a white P11 front bumper, no fogs
Price shipped? 81620
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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