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WTB: AR2 Sport grille/drop spindles/HID duals/and rims

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Getting a new ride, and I need the following:

Its a 5spd AR2, so I would like
sport grille
hid duals
some springs (not going coilover its a dd and the ride is nasty most the time)
and some nice fat lip rims. Im going to try and find some local but if I can find them here id like to keep the cash flow in this community. :geek:

Please post pics if you have any of the following. I saw the FS thread with the HID duals but they are a bit too pricey at this point so maybe someone else needs money more. :depressed i could probably spend about 350 shipped on em.

Ive got around 1k to throw away after buying the car. I already have a few go fast goodies, but like I said this will be my dd, so im not going too crazy with this. :shhh:

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