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WTB B13 sr20de ecu

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Looking for ecu for my buddies b13 Sr20de I would like it to be local let me know what you have chris101 I'm hoping you have one thanks
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^ just 'Chris' here but I sold all my OBD1 ECUs to a tuner several months ago (all 12 of them I had went to 1 tuner out east)

I only have OBD2 ECUs right now.
I have an chipped OBD1 currently on my VE with step down that i'm looking to get rid of.
Chris if the engine and current ecu came out of euro p11 primera, do you think the ecu would be odb2? Also ill tell you why I am looking, is my buddy bought a b13 with a redtop swapped in car was running fine then one day no start just crank. We changed fuel pump,fpr, distributor, fuel filter, test injectors.. temp sensor, MAF, and CAS still just cranks. So we figure something with ecu any ideas or would odb2 work?
Is the ECU plastic portion white or blue?

Blue means OBD1, White means OBD2 (and I DO have a 99 p11 Manual Trans ECU)

Did you swap over the entire engine harness in the swap too? People put lowport into highport cars but usually leave the ECU alone and adapt the harness to work with the original obd1 system.
BTW: The old number you have for me is a phone I no longer have (turned in when I got laid off from work)

BUT you can text me at 928-693-7441 (text only number)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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