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wtb g20 cable clutch pedal bracket

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I need the bracket for a cable clutch pedal for a g20 or b13 ASAP lmk know what you have
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?? you need the pedal? or somthing else/
^^ but that makes no sense to me...what the hell is a clutch pedla bracket?
you mean the bracket on the trans or what?
the one that connects to the firewall?

that bronze little bracket right thurr. i need one for a cable clutch pedal.

i have the bracket for a g20 hydraulic pedal but i dont think that bracket will work with a clutch cable.
so you need the WHOLE pedal, as you cannot swap the actual foot pedal part due to it being riveted to the pedal assembly....

also its surface rust not bronze...

i have a spare one if you want it,

OR you keep your hydro pedal, & i can sell you a hydro setup (MC, res, & the piece for the trans) thoug the MC has a rolled thread or 2 where the hydro line would screw in, you should be able to run a tap in it to fix them (i would, but i had Jake send me a new one i used, as i didnt want to have to f with it)
sure ill take the whole pedal then. how much shipped to 20720? we are talking about a cable clutch pedal yes?
Alright. Still looking for a cable clutch pedal. Need it asap
sorry havent checked here...

I dont know $50 shipped or make a offer
$40 shipped? What's your PayPal I can send money immediately
please add the the PP fees as well. or do family/friends
ill pm you my PP
clear your in box cannot send you pm
Weird box isn't full I only have like 9 messages atm. If you want just text your paypal to 240-394-6991 and I'll send money upon receiving the text
Guess I'm still looking for a cable clutch pedal since previous seller is not responding. Need one super asap now
Sorry Seannn, i am not ignoring you, just been busy as hell with work.

I am going to mail it out today, i know i told you i would mail it earlier in the week but got caught up.. ill send you tracking shortly.
Ah its ok. Just needed some info on what was happening. Thanks man
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