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WTB: One Sport Wheel

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im looking for one sport wheel with no dents for my car. One of my wheel got a dent in it and im looking to replace it. Anyone got one laying around?
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If I were you I wouldn't start this vicious cycle. Invest in a totally different set of wheels. Some other nissan 16" because they are all going to bend eventually.
which other nissan wheel fit my 2002 g20 beside the 5 and 6 spoke sentra wheel?
there are a few diff 6 spoke sentra wheels and there is a 7 spoke wheel that is similar to the sport. Then there are the 17" SE-R wheels but personally 16" looks better unless lowered.

My girl had a sport for a short time and between the first owner and her it went through 12 rims.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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