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WTB: (p10) Fuel Pump, Outer tie rods, motor mount inserts

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Sup guys I think my fuel pump is startin to go cause its getting kinda weak, anyone got a decent one or new one? I'm also looking for some outer tie rods and maybe some poly mounts for a good price, they do not have to be brand new.
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Well I've changed the fuel filter and unplugged the o2 sensor and no codes were thrown and the car still wants to cut out at low rpms when I kinda lay into it.
weak spark?
I don't believe its misfiring and its starting up fine and idling fine.
Throttle Position Sensor? MAF Sensor? Both of those would likely throw codes though....hmmm
check the fuel filter.
I actually replaced that and it wasn't that... me and my buddy checked it out lastnight and the spark plug wire on 2 was fucked, pulled it out and the connect piece stayed ontop of the spark plug and the wire itself came out.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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