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WTB - P11 front seat upholstery

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Interested in just the front seat skins from a P11. If youre parting a P11, and are interested in shipping me just the covers/upholstery/whatever you want to call it on the front seats, let me know

butlerbmx (at) yahoo . c0m or PM me thru gnet
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Yeah, which upholstery?
I have tan but it's just a massive PITA to remove the skins, I'm not sure I want to deal with that... lol
It doesn't matter to me which color/material. I'm wanting the skins to use as a pattern for a custom set I want to do. I have access to high quality outdoor/marine grade upholstery fabric and industrial sewing machines through work, and decided to make some custom seat skins with it. Probably headliner and door inserts too.
you only need 1 front seat skin then I would think?

how much you willing to pay?
Arent they a mirror of each other, driver and passenger? It didnt occur to me they could be the same dimensions lol.

As far as payment, I have no idea what a single seat skin is worth... $35? I know getting the hog rings out can be a pain. Was kinda hoping someone with a seat already apart might chime in lol.
my driver's seat is still completely together.. so yeah, getting the hog rings off is gonna be a PITA (hurt myself last time I tried it actually)

but if someone here already has the skins off, go for it... :)
i have the upper seat skin for one front seat in black. email me or pm me if you are interested.
lol.. the upper seat cover is much easier to remove compared to the seat bottom... I would only sell the whole thing but the seat bottom hog ring removal is holding me back (not sure I want $35 that badly..haha)
Yeah, I thought it might be hard to convince someone to tear their seat apart for this. Like I said, I was hoping for an already disassembled seat to be available.

Marcus, I might take you up on that if I have a hard time finding a complete skin.

Like I said before, color is unimportant. And if $35 isnt enough, feel free to throw numbers at me. Also willing to trade (plush cash if necessary) for a set of OEM P11 lower engine mounts.
Yeah, the other thing about this is once you remove the covers, the rest of the seat is pretty much ready for the trash (it is obviously easier to get more selling as a complete seat)... just sayin. ...but if you are willing to pay more, I know it would become more worth my while to take apart the driver's seat and throw away the frame. I just looked at my seat in the basement and sighed. No offense, but I wouldn't even want to deal with cover removal at my local self service yard for $35 with what a PITA it is (plus for the heck of it I called and my local yard just told me $48 for 1 leather seat even if I bring up just the covers of them.. eeeek -- then add the yard entry fee and the crazy 9.75% sales tax we have here PLUS the crazy Illinois EPA fee crap and the hour drive each way for fuel and tolls.... freaking gasoline around here is $4.60 a gallon for premium that my car takes :( ) ..meanwhile they told me $32 for a 'cloth' seat.. haha
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I have complete P11 sport suede interior front seats and back.. but im looking at $200 plus shipping.. i know its alot more than what your looking for but wanted to throw it out there..
I'll do the front driver top and bottom seat covers for $80 plus shipping (not including the headrest that is)
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