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Wtb: P11 parts black flaps/ grill/ more

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I have a qt1 sport grill looking for black or chrome grill..

Trade sell or buy


also have 370cc purple top injectors (4) from sr20det when i was going to boost but changed plans..

F/s / trade or best offer

any one who is local to florida tampa area contact me

813 401 41 five 4
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Black flaps? You mean mud flaps? I got a spare set you can paint black.
Wanted to see about getting factory paint/ i could paint mine lol

thx though ill probably just do that/ also got (4) 370cc if you know anyone going stock boost
Whats your best shipped price for those injectors and are they in good working condi?

Ive got a stock chrome grill available too

how much to buy injectors outright?

How much if I have a grill trade?
theyre the 370cc purple top from the RWD sr20det

i was going the build route and scratched that..

if we work out the shipping maybe do a trade for the grill
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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