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WTB P11 parts

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I need driver fog, KL0 body parts. radio bracket
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There are 4 p11 at my junkyard all of them have tan interior.... automatic.. range from 99-02.. kl0, some green color and a champagne color...
drivers mirror
fog lights
no fogs, cause i got them ;-)... drivers mirror is there, hood, fenders, and bumper.. i will find out pricing for you.. did you crash?
I bought a beater g20. the paints a little bad and the hood is bent
I have a hood but shipping will be expensive.

Also got the complete bose system but can sell the radio bracket.
And 02 sport foglight from drivers side.

send me a pm
I have a mirror, hood, and pass fender. Im in ct.

Ar2 color tho.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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