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I'm piecing together an interesting engine from bits and pieces I have. Its a RR High port (dont ask why, i'm nuts)

ANyways, I have a set of USDM RR cams, but for the right price (or trade for parts) I would take a set of JWT S3R if there is a set floating around.

Let me know what you got.
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still looking...

I have thought about getting a set of those Tomei RR pon cams too...
This project is on hold for a while. :( Otherwise I would have bought your cams already.
does someone have rr cams?? im actually looking for some.. sorry to thread jack
Slimlou has a set. New or almost new. Maybe he will sell you his set. I most likely won't get around to what I wanted to do for a very long time
cool thanks for the tip. you should ask santa from rr cams for christmas lol
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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