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i'll give it to you in exchange for one thing and you pay for shipping
i need to find out prices on bose subs? i beleive they have them in q45 or something like that and i need to also find out if bose makes a 2 channel amps and how much + whats the wattage on the q's bose amps? whats the specs on the bose system on the new q's i need to buy the stock unit from the q's if they do come with the 4 channel amp and if not does the q's have more then one harness possibilites from the head unit if so then i also need that head unit
our stock bose in the g is 4 speakers 4 ch amp one harness possible from head unit to trunk amp no other head units will work with the bose amps or speakers but i hear bose makes som connection especially to add to the head unit to add subs is this true

ok i'm sorry about punctuation and clarity i'm really in a rush
i will probably get the whole second system in about a week after i send hybridamp the money

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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