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WTK: What Socket Sizes Does The P11 Use?

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I typically like to create small tool kits for each of my vehicles with only what is required to work on that particular vehicle (minimizing space/weight). With that in mind - what socket sizes does the P11 use for most of the fasteners and plugs? For example - I know the oil pan drain plug is 14mm. What else is out there?
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10mm is always good to have in general, helps remove splash shield bolts. if I remember correctly.
5.5mm. You always need to have that 5.5 in there. :D

You will also need a 36 or a 32 depending on your axle nut too. if I remember correctly.
This +19mm.

I have a craftsman set in my car. It has 8-17mm in it. And 3/4" works for 19mm in a pinch. Anything bigger than that you probably aren't going to do away from home, but you'll also need 30, 32 and 36.

I'd also keep a set of screwdrivers in the car too. Flathead and 2 sizes of Phillips so you don't strip out the bigger ones.
This is perfect. Thanks, guys!
8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 17mm 19mm 22mm 24mm 27mm I thinks a 32mm might be used on rear wheel hubs
And finally 36mm

These are all the sizes you should ever need I. Ths combination of wrench and sockets for p11 and most nissan pre 2007

Add a 30mm and you got the r32 gtr covered
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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