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WTS: OEM parts from b14 se-r

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All parts pulled from my 96 se-r with 180k miles. All parts worked when on car, a/c just wasn't charged. Few more pics on link above.

A/C Parts:

Bracket: 15plus shipping

Compressor: 75 plus shipping

A/C big and little lines: 15 shipped ea.

Condenssor: Shoot offers on parts with it. One line had bolt head break off, stuck together.

A/C fan: 15 plus shipping

EGR: 20 shipped

Stock clutch: 75 plus shipping. Looks like it has ton of life left, pulled only b/c had tranny out for broken clutch arm. Didn't need to replace

Stock fuel pump: 30 shipped. Working fine on car, replaced with walbro.

Lower air boxes (2): make offer

2 Front motor mounts: 1 with es bushings pressed in, cracked insert but should be fine, picture 15shipped-----1 with prothane pushed in, NOT pictured 25 shipped
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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