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WW Lip

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QT1 Aspen Pearl white paint matched in a body shop.

Has some scuff marks from being low. Scraped again't the curb once a little bit. Lip is in good shape if you plan to repaint it different color or whatever. You will have to re-tape with double sided tape.

139.99 Plus shipping

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I'm interested. Let me know by PM How much for it shipped to PR.
Probably very expensive. It's in a big box
Give me the dimensions of the box to calculate the shipping.
If it's going to be repainted and you don't care about the paint spiderwebbing then you could heat up the corners with a hair dryer and fold it onto itself so the box is less than half the size. To make it gets its original shape back you just lay it flat in the driveway on a warm day for a couple of hours.
I've shipped 3 lips before and never paid more than about $25 to ship it. Thats to the continental U.S. though, and I only bubble wrapped the Lip with no box. The lip is very durable.
I've also bent the corners of a lip before and twisted it a bit to transport in a car and the lip returned to shape after a few hours.
I'm going to repaint the lip, so he can cut, bend or whatever he can to reduce the dimensions.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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