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Hello everyone, Up for trade is my set of xxr-532

Specs are 15x8 +20 / 4x114.3 and 4x100

They will fit your p10/p11

I want to trade for some coilovers!!!!



Asking price is $350 +shipping


Wheel #1

Wheel #2
(yes i know im missing a lug Stud)

Wheel #3 Has some curb rash nothing major

And curb rash damage

Wheel #4
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nice wheels, but most ppl here want bigger diameter. GLWS, free bump
Not looking to part out anything, sorry guys I am only selling the wheels NOT THE TIRES. :)
I didn't know a 15" wheel could be designed in such a way that looks like a 12"... :p
Not bad looking though!
bump I got these in silver im trying to get rid of!
BUMP, Once again guys im not parting anything off of the wheels! :D
how many layers of plastidip is on each wheel?
NO Plastidip sir, they are flat black from manufacturer.
Can u find out if the flat black from XXR is the same as the plastidip flat black color? thanks, much appreciated.
looks really close from plastidip color sir.
Can you confirm a paint code at least for the flat back?
You have my graditude
How about the mud flaps in the pic.. ill take those
Sorry sir idk the paint code, only thing that is showing me is the paint color (flat black)

Not sure if this has already been covered because I havent read the entire thread, but what size lug nuts are included? There are a lot of sizes that they could be, and I am interested to see if they would fit my application. Also, must post a price per forum rules. Good luck with the sale bro! :thumbsup:
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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