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Zoe, My KL0

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Had my p11 since March, it is indeed my first car. Suppose I have enough done to it to make a progress thread for her now, really was just waiting to decide on a name for her. Will update/change as I go on with Zoey. She's a 2002 auto. :(

Current Mods:
-Personalized Liscense plate, (B Casual)
-JDM Duals (regular, painted black)
-STR 601 (17x7.5)
-BF Goodrich G Force Sport Comp 2 (205/45/17) (Guess tires are a mod?)
-Altia Spoiler
-Cusco FSTB *thanks Lou*
-PC'd Purple Valve cover * Thanks Jesse*
-Debadged G20 from trunk.
-SSAC Header
-Custom 2.25 cat back to Magnaflow muffler with 3 inch tip.
-Painted a blackmouth with plastidip.
-Custom grille I made.

Future Mods/Plans/Hopes/Dreams:
-BC Coilovers. (Had some, sold them new lol, will buy and use this time :p)
-5spd swap.
-Maybe a purple paint if I ever save up enough.
-Will update later, tired.

So far all I have is cell phone pics, so sorry for that :/.

When I picked her up... dont mind the goon sitting in it.

Spoiler/Exhaust/Debadged G20/Old License Plate:

Everything up to date:

Fresh after a wash.

found Zoe a pink lady friend. lol.

Really cool FL sunset lighting after a wash.
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Looks clean,just need to be slammed.nice work!
Very clean man! Wat purple do you wanna go with?
Haha i know, but i didnt want to drop on stock wheels lol.

LP2. The dark metallic purple by Nissan.
wow that thing needs a drop so badly lol
im sure u already know tho :thumbsup: lol
Yeah, if I had a dollar for everytime I heard needs a drop, I'd have a set of BC's and a Turbo
Coming along nicely. Post an engine pic
It's up. I'll clean it soon when I change valve covers.
i want that wing!!!!
Haha if I ever change my mind about it, Sar has got first dibs lol
First post updated. Also my freaking grand pa must have heard all yall, he asks "when ya putting new shocks on to lower it?" Omg for the 10000th time lol
this thing ever get ANY lower? U ever put on some weight to bring her closer to the ground?
Save up for some coilovers. That's the first thing I did when I got my P11
nice car....nice progress
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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