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'99 P11 Needing Front Axel Replaced - Bay Area, CA

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I was curious if anyone out there has purchased new front axles (CV joints) for the right an left side on and had any luck with them? Or what brand/axle does anyone recommend?

Finally, I was wondering if anyone would know of a shop or someone in the San Jose area that may be able to do the work?

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I got mine from Advance, I'm pretty sure they were the A-1 CARDONE brand. I just checked Adavance though and they aren't carrying them. I would still use the Advance brand Tough One, as I've had good luck with their stuff. Plus 40% of online promo doesn't hurt.

Just don't get them reconditioned, it's about the same to get new.

As with the A1-cardone, I've only about 20K so far, but so far so good!
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